Fallen upon hard times finding a weed source? It happens to the best of smokers. Not to worry, though, as free weed is never too hard to find in Canada, where the government legalized recreational marijuana use for those over the age of 19 on October 17, 2018. Whilst this is the case, you should be sure to check the law regarding marijuana in the province that you reside in or are visiting, just in case the law varies to the federal level.

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Finding Free Weed

Finding cannabis when in a pinch with money, or just desperate to smoke weed, can be tough. But thanks to the legalization of weed in Canada on October 17th 2018, there are multiple ways to find free weed.

Weed Bins

After the legalization of recreational cannabis across Canada, the province of Ontario was slow to react and tried its hardest to make legal weed difficult to get a hold of for a while. Simultaneously, ‘weed bins’ appeared in the Ontario airport, which were to warn passengers that they could not carry weed with them onto the plane and therefore were to dispose of it in these bins. There were 3 of them across the airport- whether they’re still there or not is seemingly unknown.

It was also noted by Narcity Media Inc. via a Reddit thread that Toronto airport had the exact same weed disposal system, and supposedly, they weren’t being emptied for weeks. Yes, that’s right- weeks. Just imagine the jackpot (literally).

These ‘weed bins’ are exactly what they sound like- literally just bins in the airport marked with a sign to alert travellers that they are for cannabis disposal. This means that passengers were throwing their weed into these open containers. The airport claimed that the bins were watched by a security guard continually, however, a lot of people managed to get away with dipping their arm into the container and inconspicuously taking cannabis from it.

Seems too good to be true for most cannabis users, but the bins were real, and an excellent starting point in the search for free weed. Whilst not the most trustworthy source of free weed (you’re essentially guessing unless the packet is labelled), it’s definitely worth a shot. Maybe take a trip to Ontario airport and scope out whether the bins are still an option.

Free Weed Online

Most likely, people aren’t going to want to go bin-diving in Ontario airport. That’s understandable. The risk is arguably too great from both security and health standpoints. Nobody wants to be the one to ring their parents/friends/lovers and tell them they’ve been detained at Ontario airport for stealing out of the weed bin. Equally, no one wants to ring their loved ones because they’re too high and need looking after. Awkward.

Most people who have ever bought cannabis in Canada have caught onto the fact that it’s much easier to buy it online than in stores. A lot of businesses in the cannabis industry have now moved online because whilst a lot of provinces/cities acknowledge the legality of marijuana, they make it hard for storefront dispensaries to set up shop. Vancouver, for instance, has a lot of weed delivery services and online stores, but has very few dispensaries as the city is reluctant to give out business permits to marijuana distributors.

Naturally, then, the next best thing to the bins is getting free samples online. It avoids having to go out into the freezing Canadian deep midwinter to trek to the nearest dispensary (which is usually miles away) and grovel for a sample. It’s also a more discreet way of obtaining weed for those concerned about privacy and anonymity when buying.

Perhaps the only downside to getting a sample online is having to wait for it to arrive as opposed to being able to smoke it straight away. Though, given that online dispensaries have much more choice, are easier to navigate than storefronts, and result in weed being delivered right to the front door, it’s highly recommended to go down this route in the quest for a free joint or two. All that’s needed is usually an email address and proof that the customer is over 19 years of age.

Legal, online dispensaries are a much better bet than the airport bins simply for their quality control alone. It’s easier for knowing what’s actually inside of the product, and the likelihood is that it’s of much higher quality than the jumble of stuff that might be found in a weed bin scenario. It’s also more or less guaranteed that you’ll receive excellent customer service from these online dispensaries, meaning it’s possible to place further orders with them or query something.

Get your e mail address at the ready to sign up to some seriously impressive free marijuana offer. Quick sidenote: most of these websites are fairly standard, but be sure to check all privacy policy terms and terms/conditions of these offers to avoid being stung.

Current Online Offers for Free Weed

There’s currently many websites with free weed offers going, and after a bit of digging, here are some of the best to get you started.

Sabrina’s World

Sabrina’s World is an online dispensary that operates throughout the entirety of Canada. They sell just about anything one can imagine related to smoking weed: flower, edibles, wax, vape. You name it, and Sabrina’s World has it.

Their current free weed coupon is for two grams of flower and three edible gummies. If the coupon “freegram” is added at the checkout, you’ll receive free shipping as well. Completely no strings attached, you can order from them from anywhere in Canada and the free offer will be delivered straight to your door. Get in quick, though, as they only give out ten of these free samples each day.

Both the strain of weed for the two grams and the strain used in the bears is unspecified online, but when it arrives, the packaging should be marked so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

This offer is perfect for those of you who aren’t quite sure whether you’ll like weed and maybe want to try it for the first time. It’s enough to get high a couple times without having to straight up buy kush. The quality is exactly the same as what you’d get if you paid for their products, meaning it’s also great as a trial if you’re looking to expand and change which dispensary you order from.

They also offer free shipping over $200 CAD orders, so if you enjoy the trial, it’s worth going back to them for more!

MJN Express

MJN Express is another online dispensary, but predominantly focuses on the medicinal properties of marijuana. It is still possible to order from them for recreational uses as well, though.

They have two current offers. For both, you have to already be buying something in order to get the free weed (perhaps not the best option for those looking for totally free weed). However, they do let you pick the strain that you get, which means it’s a good option for people who are already heavy smokers and know what they like.

With a huge variety of strains on offer, use the code “freejoint” at the checkout to receive a free pre-rolled joint of your choosing with your order, or simply go to their homepage and click the “get 3.5 grams free” ad in order to add a free 3.5 grams of your choosing to the order.

MJN Express has a plethora of medicinal products not necessarily containing THC besides their stronger counterparts. You can buy full-spectrum CBD tablets from there, for instance, which have been found to reduce anxiety. They also specialize in West-Coast grown marijuana, usually from the British Columbia area, as most smokers know that west-coast weed is the best in Canada.

This offer is better for people who already smoke a fair bit of marijuana, or at least know their way around what type of weed they like (indica/sativa/hybrid) and what strains are their favorites. It’s also good for people who aren’t necessarily looking for completely free weed, but would just like a little extra for their money.

Buy Online Weed Canada

BuyOnlineWeedCanada.com is another fantastic example of an online dispensary that gives you the customer service you’d be hard pressed to find in a storefront. With 24/7 responses, free shipping over $300, and super discreet packaging, they’re the average weed smoker’s dream.

If you wanted to try out their product or just generally try out a variety of ways to take weed, their free offer is perfect. Another no-strings-attached style of offer, they’re giving out sample packs of two grams of flower + 3 gummies + 1 joint and free shipping. Arguably one of the best free weed deals out there, as you get loads of product for absolutely 0 price.

Unfortunately you can’t choose the strain that you receive as your flower/joint, but the reviews say that they generally send popular/well-known strains such as sour diesel and citrus skunk. The only negative about the offer is that they only give out 10 per day, so be sure to order early on in the day.

Free Weed Safety

As mentioned before, try to be somewhat safe in your search for free weed. Especially if you’re new to smoking weed, take into account that the marijuana you’ll receive as a sample might not be the right strain for you, or might contain too much THC for your first time. Make sure you follow the correct dosage amount on the packet, particularly with edibles as they often don’t kick in for a while which makes people take more.

If you’re acquiring your complimentary marijuana through the airport bins or similar means, good luck to you. Be aware that a lot of the things in there might not be from dispensaries and are therefore unregulated and could contain additives/other chemicals that you don’t want to be inhaling.

Most of the marijuana samples from online sources are designed specifically for first-time/new smokers, or those looking to change their dispensary. This generally means you’ll receive top quality product that you don’t have to worry about too much with regard to safety.

It should also be noted that if you’re seeking to use marijuana for medical purposes, you should always see a provider first.

Final Thoughts

As the cannabis industry rushes to go online faster than ever, looking to the power of the internet is the most sensible option for sourcing free weed. It’s simply a more practical way of acquiring free weed that doesn’t require risking arrest or unknown strains.

Each of the online stores recommended in this article have fantastic reviews, meaning you can order without any qualms about the quality of what you’ll receive both in terms of product and customer service.

With online dispensaries, once you’ve had a free sample of what they can give, it’s much easier to place an order and get exactly what you want in a short amount of time. Delivered straight to your door for the most convenient way to get your hands on marijuana, going online is definitely the superior option whether you’re buying or looking for free marijuana.

Always smoke up responsibly!

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