Looking for a more convenient way to get your weed fix? Look no further than the glorious internet. Since recreational weed became legal in Canada in 2018, online dispensaries have become increasingly popular due to the ease of acquiring weed from them. Online dispensaries have by far the best variety of products around, as well as discreet packaging and shipping when you want it.

buying weed online

Online Dispensaries

Online dispensaries are becoming the hot new way to buy weed for many reasons. There’s way more of them out there simply because many provinces and cities in Canada make it difficult for dispensaries to set up shop despite marijuana usage being legal. Most of them can ship to anywhere in Canada, so you don’t have to worry too much about provincial restrictions/variations on the law.


The benefits of buying online are simple: it’s quick, discreet, and has the best variety of most dispensaries out there.  You can simply place an order online and have it delivered straight to your door at a time of your choosing, making it far easier than trekking out in the cold Canadian weather to go to a tiny dispensary in the city center. Most online dispensaries offer free shipping both on your first order and on orders thereafter over a certain amount.

They’re usually sent through Canada Post first class, meaning you don’t have to worry about receiving it from an obscure courier as it will simply come with the rest of your mail! The packaging is usually entirely plain so the postman and your cohabitants can’t tell what’s in the package.

What’s perfect about ordering your cannabis products online, beyond the easy delivery, is the customer service you’ll receive. A lot of people seem hesitant to order online, particularly if they’re new to weed, because there’s the expectation that you won’t be able to speak to anyone from the store about what you’re looking for. This isn’t the case at all, though; online stores have just as much, if not better customer service than brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll find that most online dispensaries have customer service chats that are open long into the late hours of the night, if not 24/7.

The products are also given full descriptions, so you can easily browse at your own pace and not feel pressured into trying anything by store employees. Most also respond to emails within the same business day, meaning your queries never go unanswered for too long.

Cannabis Products

By far the best thing about ordering weed online is the variety of cannabis products available in comparison to brick-and-mortar stores. Generally, online dispensaries have physically more stock, as well as better diversity of stock, due to them not being limited to a small storefront and being able to operate out of warehouses. This means you can more or less find all of your weed-related needs online; flower, shatter, edibles, CBD-only products. You name it, the online dispensaries are bound to have it.

Online dispensaries tend to carry far more experimental things than physical dispensaries, too. With mail order marijuana, you can easily just buy your regular flower, or you could venture out into something more adventurous like phoenix tears if you’re looking to reap the medical benefits that CBD has to offer. Many online dispensaries also sell edibles that aren’t available in physical stores due to provincial restrictions and licensing issues- for instance, Tasty THC’s products are easily ordered online if you’re in Ontario or Manitoba (and have a medical license).


If you’re a traditional pot smoker just looking for your flower fix to roll up, online dispensaries are the perfect place for you. At NotWeed, we don’t carry many strains of flower, but the ones we do carry are next level. Starting at just $20 for 3.5g, it’s possibly some of the best quality product at the lowest price you’ll find. If you’re looking for some jazzier strains such as Pineapple Express, you might want to try other dispensaries that specialize in selling flower.

Flower is perhaps one of the cheapest ways to get high, and whilst it can seem daunting to some, smoking can be a good introduction to weed as the high tends to come on gradually and you can easily limit yourself to a couple tokes and build your high up as you please. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to buy weed online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.


Edibles can be hard to find in some states as they only became legal in October 2019, meaning many are still to formulate legislation on the issue. That’s where online dispensaries are your best friend. You might find it hard to source edibles in physical dispensaries due to the grey area around their legalization, but most online dispensaries stock a huge variety of edibles. At Notweed, we offer the traditional gummies, but if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated such as chocolate, don’t be scared to search the web for other dispensaries. Edibles are a great way to buy weed online, especially if you’re a newbie to cannabis, as you can easily pace yourself by taking the recommended dosage on the packet and don’t have to worry about the effects of smoking.


If you’re ready to take a deep dive into the world of concentrates, now’s your chance. Concentrates, as long as weed vapes, also became legal in Canada’s second ‘legalization’ wave in October 2019. Similar to edibles, this means it can be hard to find concentrates in physical dispensaries, but the market for concentrates is rapidly flourishing online. Concentrates are great for seasoned smokers looking for a new or different type of high; they’ve been found to deliver THC to your bloodstream far quicker than flower, and are a much more discreet way to smoke if you’re looking to get high regularly (they don’t tend to smell as obvious as flower does). Concentrates, because of their easy smoking method, are becoming a huge way to buy weed online in Canada.

CBD Products

Beyond the THC-rich products mentioned above, most dispensaries do also stock products with either a high CBD content or those that are simply free of THC altogether and are exclusively focused on CBD. At Notweed, we sell a variety of CBD-only vape pens, made with full spectrum hemp CBD oil and a variety of essential oils. This is great for those looking to reap the medical benefits of weed without getting high- it’s especially great for mental health issues such as anxiety. We also stock cannabidoil, a godsend for those looking for a topical treatment for inflammation reduction, pain relief, and spasm relief.

weed laws by state in Canada


One thing to note about buying weed online is that there are some restrictions here and there dependent on what territory you’re in. Whilst weed became legal nationwide in 2018, the enforcement of the law is down to the states/provinces, and therefore the rules vary across each region. The legal age to purchase marijuana products is 19 in the following states: British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. Quebec is the only state in which the age is 21, and Alberta is the only one in which the age is 18. Unfortunately, these rules still apply to online sales as well as physical sales of cannabis.

It’s worth noting as well that up until October 2019, edibles and resins/shatters were illegal, and even though they are now legal, some stores still don’t carry or deliver them as it’s hard to get a permit to sell them. Since this ‘second wave’ of legalization, there haven’t been any further impositions on the law by any states, meaning that it is legal to purchase and consume these products from both online and physical sources. It’s worth being aware of, though, as this could change and affect your weed delivery.

The other thing to keep in mind is that some dispensaries/products are still restricted to those with a medical card only. What’s great about online dispensaries is that if this is the case, it’ll let you know before you enter the website, taking the guesswork out of whether you need a card or not!

Where to start

Think you’re ready for the world of online dispensaries but aren’t sure where to start? How about taking a peek at our range over at notweed.org. Whether you’re looking for an incredible flower high, a mellow resin, or pain relief from CBD, we’re one of the most well-renowned online stockists of cannabis products in the country.

We’re one of the only dispensaries nationwide to accept credit card, we offer free delivery on orders $200+, and you can earn points with us through our loyalty scheme. All you need to sign up is an email address, and then you’re ready to start buying weed online!

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